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Our Story

And's about enhancing your outdoors. We just get to make it happen for you!


Steve grew up a Wellingtonian and reckons, even though 'you can't beat Wellington on a good day', you can enjoy it even more by investing in your outdoors, so they become a place you crave spending time in.


From humble beginnings, Steve's Jobs now has a broad repertoire of projects under the belt, meaning we're well positioned to help you with your next big (or small) job!

We thrive on making outdoor spaces that you'll love spending time in. Making your oasis more functional, aesthetically pleasing, great to be in and easier to maintain. There's many things that can be done to enhance your outdoors with you and your lifestyle in mind, and you get to see the transformation unfold!


What's important to us:

  • Working hard for you and your property to achieve the desired outcomes effectively and efficiently

  • Taking pride in our work and delivering quality results 

  • Being on-time and on-task, approachable, friendly and collaborative with you 

  • Being transparent and communicating set backs or scope creeps that might affect budget or timeframes.

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Keen to discuss your ideas further

                          and see what we can do for you?  

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